Why We Started

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to have some awesome experiences with some pretty amazing people. Family celebrations, outings with friends, and even company events have provided fond memories for me. However, with some of those experiences, I felt like having a really good cigar would have helped celebrate the moment even more.

It's All about Making Memories

Most of us may have a memory of the aroma of a lit cigar. Maybe it brings back a childhood memory, or the memory of a family member (present or past), a vacation, or any other number of celebrations or gatherings.

The allure of a cigar has that ability to complete a celebration or take it to the next level.

However, some people might find cigars a bit intimidating and maybe even mysterious. After all, there are many different styles and flavors and I assure you, there is one out there for everyone. My goal was to create a mobile humidor and travel to all types of events, providing the opportunity for those interested, to enjoy a good cigar. I also want to help educate first time or non-traditional smokers on the wide variety of cigars out there. They range from big to small, sweet and creamy, to woodsy and spicy, and many other varieties. For example, there are morning cigars flavored like coffee or cappuccino! There is a cigar out there for everyone (18 and older only)! And I always carry the bubble gum ones for the kids.

I want to bring the personal touch to personal events!

I can't tell you how many times I’ve been to a gathering of friends or family and wished we’d had cigars to help commemorate the moment. You would think with the passion I have for cigars I wouldn't be caught without one! But, I promise, it’s happened all too many times at weddings, golf outings, graduation parties, birthdays and bachelor parties. So, I came up with the idea of creating a traveling humidor that would bring cigars to people’s most precious and coveted gatherings. I’ve had this vision for a long time, and I finally turned my dream into a reality! With the help of a longtime friend who I pitched the idea to many times, we finally decided to “Let’s do this!” Ever since, I’ve been CLOUD 12! (3 clouds above 9;) Honestly, although I have a passion for cigars, my bigger pleasure is enjoying the friends and family while sharing a good cigar and the memories I’ve been able to capture. Special moments with special people are all too important. I want to be able to provide those opportunities with others. Let’s keep that tradition going. Let’s keep those memories being made. Let’s keep providing those experiences to be remembered. We also understand that cigars aren’t for everyone. With that in mind, we make every effort to accommodate all guests at your events and focus on providing an experience that’s enjoyed by everyone. Our service is focused on creating memories for people that want to enjoy a good cigar and not offend others that may have an aversion to the smoke.

In closing, I would like to share one last personal story. My father-in-law and I would frequently share a good cigar and a glass of wine. He unfortunately passed away, and for his service I handed out cigars with a custom label to anyone that wanted one. Everyone knew how much he enjoyed a good cigar and glass of wine. I can’t begin to tell you how many tobacco leaves we went through together (and bottles of wine).



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